Imagine procuring a building design could be as


as ordering a pizza napoli

How to get started as a buyer

Design as usual

Find the right spot on the site and organize the functional layout of your building. Model this in your preferred BIM tool and export it as an IFC file with spaces.

Combine design & DNA

Choose the best fitting building's DNA, and upload the IFC file. We automatically combine it with the DNA. When satisfied, ask the building DNA provider for a quote.

Sign the contract

Meet the contractor (DNA's provider) and discuss the quote's details. Once you trust, sign the deal.

Optimize & build

Now the contractor can start the detailed design and prepares the construction work. Once he finishes the building, move in and enjoy!

Choose your design DNA

Valid for Country
Sustainability Standard
Main Use of Building
Possible Use-cases
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Why use buiding system's DNA for your next project

Quicker client decisions

Avoid costly iterations by providing tangible foundations for decisions.

Reduce Risks

Reducing risks and costs by bringing construction companies' know-how on board.

Faster design exploration

Explore faster different design concepts. Therefore provide a better service.

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