Define your building system's DNA, find early on suitable projects and reduce your acquisition costs


How to get started as a DNA provider

We support you in a current project, the DNA recipe is just a byproduct.

Choose a project

Choose one of your current projects, there you need quantity takeoff for a cost calculation. The best fit are office or housing projects.

Contact us

We do the quantity takeoff for a small fee and at the same time we build up the DNA recipe.


Now all the information is ready for reuse as a DNA recipe on the marketplace. The moment the marketplace goes online, you are on board.

Why become a building DNA provider

Place your building system early on in the design process and get clients with a new channel.

New sales channel

Reach a wider audiance and reduce your acquisition costs.

Get optimized projects

By sharing your building system DNA, planners can optimize their designs accordingly.

Calculate offers quickly

Get the quantity takeoff standardized. That enables efficient cost calculation.

How much is a new client worth

DNA is provided for free as an additional sales channel for construction companies.
0.5 - 1% of sale
  • No hosting fee
  • DNA recipe dependent setup fee
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DNA is sold as an additional income stream for planners e.g. building physicists.
25% of sale
  • No hosting fee
  • DNA recipe dependent setup fee
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DNA is used internally for process optimization e.g. professional building owners.
  • Hosting fee
  • DNA recipe dependent setup fee
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